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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Get To Know Your Guide: Peter Mosey

Get To Know Your Guide

Peter Mosey

When did you learn to fly fish?
I started fly fishing in 2006. Fly fishing was a much needed gift at that point of my life. I was running a small business in the day and tending bar at night. One of the most appealing aspects of fly fishing is the therapeutic aspects of it. It can help people slow everything down and focus on the details. 

Why did you become a guide?
I started guiding to share some of these aspects with people. Fly fishing can embody so much beauty, whether it's the fish, the scenery, or the commute to the river. If we choose to, we can encompass our selves within that beauty. I feel like I have an opportunity to help plant a seed within people. If they choose to nurture this seed, it is possible to grow something that can provide for them for the rest of their lives.

Where are you from and how did you end up guiding in Santa Fe?
Originally, I am from Indianapolis Indiana. I moved to Santa Fe in 1994. I found my way to The Reel Life in 2006. My first trip was July 4, 2006.

What is your most memorable experience as a guide?
It is really difficult to pinpoint one particularly memorable experience guiding. Every trip is different and special. I can say, that guiding has provided many opportunities to go to really special places and waters. Having the opportunity to be on the beautiful meadows on one day and the stunning cliffs of the Brazos the next, is something that is very rewarding for me.

What is your goal when you take clients on a guide trip?
My goals on a guided trip are simple. First is to make the day as special as I can for my client. Secondly, is to try and ask the clients what they see as a successful day and try to help them accomplish their goals.

 What is your favorite river to guide and why?
Honestly this answer changes based on the day I am asked. Each river poses its own set of challenges and techniques. Generally I prefer solitude when I fish. New Mexico offers so many quiet secluded rivers.

What are your top five “go to” patterns?
I am a fly tying fanatic. I really don't have too many go to patterns. I like the fluidity that flies can provide. One of the most satisfying experiences is tying a fly that you have never seen before and catching fish with it!

What do you love about fly fishing?
What is there not to like?!?

What is the one place you want to fish before you die?
         For the most part, I am just grateful to be fishing. I would love to do every single one of the exotic trips that are out there. Alaska? Patagonia? Kamchatka? Yes please. Let's go!

What do you enjoy doing when you are not on the water?
If I am not fishing or tying flies, you can find me knee deep in my farm or taking one of my horses down a dusty trail, hopefully with a trout or two at the end of it.

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